I’ve been watching the Asian Boss YouTube channel for a while now. The Asian Boss teams goes across Asia to share interesting stories about people in Asia and current affairs.

Some examples include:

While their vox pop segments are great, I love the videos where they find people with interesting stories to tell. These include:

Given the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve shifted most of their content to pandemic stuff. Of these are three great interviews with a couple of doctors on the coronavirus.

Honestly, these interviews are the best on the topic. Given all the pundits airing their (unqualified) opinions and their respective outlets not willing to give epidemiologists the spotlight, this is a huge breath of fresh air. The best thing about them is that the doctors give thorough information in layman’s terms. How the virus is transmitted, is it seasonal, can people get reinfected1, how the vaccine is being developed and so on.

Give them a look, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. They aren’t sure, but the doctor suspects that it’s likely that the virus is being reactivated after some time under the detection threshold. ↩︎