I started blogging in 2015 as a way to build a personal brand which would help me get an internship1. The blog was called The Algorithmic Cookbook as I wanted it to be a Computer Science oriented blog. I don’t think I did much Computer Science stuff, but there was a lot of programming. Since then, I’ve written about 100 off articles although I’ve deleted them since they mostly suck.

I eventually make Farai’s Code Lab which I hoped would be a more experimental blog where I document how I made my various personal projects. I didn’t get as ambitious as I hoped, thanks to my hopes being crushed by my chronic unemployment (plz hire me).

After switching away from fgandiya to faraixyz, I decided to start blogging my technical content under The Algorithmic Cookbook again. With the tag line “where Farai concocts code”, the idea is that I wanna to explain how I do technical things, all the experiments I did and what not. Helps that the domain was just $1. The Algorithmic Cookbook is also on YouTube now, the first video being on My First Open Source Contribution.

Right now I’m doing a lot of experimentation, trying to nail a work flow, find a voice and figuring how to make my content attractive. If you wanna see how my content has evolved overtime, here’s a list of some of my old and personal websites in the internet archive:

  1. I never got one, which sucks. Always get an internship in college. ↩︎