Welcome to My Corner of The Internet

While you’re here, check out my stuff.

Stuff I’ve Made

You can check out my portfolio for a more up-to-date version of these projects, but this is what I had at the time of writing this up.

  • YouTube x RSS is a web page which gets RSS feed links from YouTube URLs.
  • Zimbabwe PAYE Calculator is a PAYE Tax Calculator for Zimbabwe.
  • Virtual Jo was my senior project in college. It let students look up the cafeteria menu as well as college classes.
  • Math.floor(it) was an app I made at a hackathon which somehow won a prize. It calculates the amount of fines you would get if you drove through every red light and got caught by every speed trap between two points in Chicago.

Stuff I Did

I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Wartburg College. There I worked as a resident assistant, a food services assistant as well as a technology consultant at the library. That’s a lot of assisting.

Stuff I Do (In General)

Being unemployed, not a whole lot besides looking for work and improving my programming skills. I’ve also had the time to make a few projects (read on).

For a more up-to-date desciption of the stuff I do, see /now. For now, I’m focused on getting a job and growing my programming blog The Algorithmic Cookbook.

Stuff I Have

See /uses.

Stuff I Would Appreciate

See /support.

Stuff I Post To (Social Media)

Not using it right now.

Stuff I’ve Written

Besides my programming blog the Algorithmic Cookbook, I’ve written some posts here.